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Roberto Poli at the Shakhes Pajouh Research Institute (Iran, 20-21 October 2015)

Roberto Poli Isfahan

Following the historic agreement in Vienna that could end the 12-year standoff over Iran’s nuclear programme, Iran has been for the first time invited to participate in international talks meant to put an end to Syria's crisis. It is also likely that its bid to join the WTO once sanctions are lifted will be granted.
We are thus now having a return to diplomacy and, as a result, things are starting to move in a more cooperative and peaceful direction.

Anticipation is generally associated with such a new beginning.
Thus, it is hopefully auspicious that, on October 20-21 Roberto Poli, president of -skopìa and First UNESCO Chair in Anticipatory Systems at the University of Trento, Italy, has been invited by the Shakhes Pajouh Research Institute of the Isfahan University to teach a one-day workshop on the three levels of Futures Studies: Forecast, Foresight and Anticipation, followed by a half-day Q&A session.

This event was reported in a news broadcast by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

A photo gallery from the event is available here.

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Salita dei Molini, 2 - 38123 Villazzano di Trento (TN) Italy

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+39 0461 283703


dal Lunedì al Venerdì: 10.00 - 18.00

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