Victor Motti

Company representative for Iran and the MENA countries. Strategic foresight consultant and speaker. Award-winning author, member of the executive board

of the World Futures Studies Federation, of the editorial board of the World Future Review journal by SAGE, of the judge committee of the Association of Professional Futurists for Student Recognition Awards. Co-author of the book "The Future of Business".

Graduate of engineering from Sharif University of Technology and Instructor of the 3-unit course Applied Introductory to The Art and Science of Futures Studies for professional managers and policy analysts.

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Salita dei Molini, 2 - 38123 Villazzano di Trento (TN) Italy

+39 0461 283703

+39 0461 283703

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About -skopìa

-skopìa is a start-up company with the University of Trento. A multi-service, for-profit corporation, -skopìa provides strategic intelligence, based on the analysis of changes, risks and opportunities, and consulting services for the development of anticipatory-based skills.