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Open Doors presents a diversity of essays written both in English and Swedish by The Lords New Churchs pastor of sixty years Olle Hjern. The volume in hand includes a variation of Emanuel Swedenborg related themes: from the light gained by the near death experience in this eighteenth century philosopher and extraordinary scientist to essays showing Swedenborgs influence on the Swedish culture, e.g., painter Ivan Aguéli and well known writers C J Love Almqvist and Vilhelm Ekelund. One leading theme is the establishing of the New Church in Sweden in the summer of 1786 at the place called Heavenly Well (Varnhem Sweden). This movement was later called the Skara Swedenborgianism. Among the essays youll find the authors autobiography that sheds light on his life before his ordination as a priest in The Lords New Church, which was called by Swedenborg himself - Nova Hierosolyma.



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Heaven and Hell is the common English title of a book written by Emanuel Swedenborg in Latin, published in 1758.The full title is Heaven and its Wonders and Hell From Things Heard and Seen, or, in Latin: De Caelo et Eius Mirabilibus et de inferno, ex Auditis et Visis. It gives a detailed description of the afterlife; how people live after the death of the physical body.

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