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"Sliding his hand down her belly, skimming over her hip and stroking her leg, he did as he was told and grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up to her waist. Slipping his fingers underneath it he soon found her suspender belt but nothing else. No knickers. "I get the feeling you were planning on seducing someone tonight ..." he mumbled." Harry"s new wife, a young goddess in her twenties, fought with him constantly. If they weren"t fucking they were yelling at each other. This time he deserved it though, he had forgot her 22nd birthday. But instead of letting her storm off he picked her up like the spoiled brat she was and carried her in to a more private setting, but not much more private ... This erotic short story gives you hot raw sex among the trees in Hyde park. Julie Jones is an anonymous writer of erotic stories. She writes through a feminist perspective and questions the societal norms. Behind the pseudonym is a woman with backgrounds in many different industries. Her inspiration comes from social media and conversations with people she knows. Her writing career started with a blog where she wrote erotic fanfiction about boybands. Some of these stories are now being published. The names have been changed but the stories are just as hot.



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ISBN: 9788726185942


Among the Trees - erotic short story-boken skrevs 2019-08-05 av författaren Julie Jones. Du kan läsa Among the Trees - erotic short story-boken i PDF, ePUB, MOBI på vår hemsida Du hittar också andra böcker av författaren Julie Jones.

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Why Short Stories Are Best for English Learning. You get more time to focus on individual words. When a text is short, you can devote more time to learning how every single word is used and what importance it has in the piece. You can read a whole story in one sitting.

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Provided to YouTube by Bookwire Chapter 1 & Chapter 2.1 - Among the Trees - Erotic Short Story · Julie Jones Among the Trees - Erotic Short Story ℗ LUST Released on: 2019-08-05 Artist: Julie ...

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