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For many Swedes, nothing beats being able to make use of fresh local produce all year round. And dipping into the culture behind traditional Swedish dishes is something close to our hearts, with every mealtime imparting a sense of community and heritage. The now world famous fika is just one example of this. Join us as we delve into the best of Swedish cuisine for every season, embracing a mix of authentic classics and recipes with a fresh twist. If you ve ever wondered how to eat like a Swede all year round, here s how!



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(Swedes are no strangers to forward thinking after all). Find out more about Swedish Christmas Lucia Lucia is one of our best loved traditions and it takes place on 13 December every year. If you visit Sweden on, or before December 13th you can see how the 400-year old tradition of St. Lucia is celebrated. Find out more about Lucia

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The crisp bread, often known as knäckebröd in Swedish, was once considered a poor man's food, but nevertheless, it has been a popular bread baked in Sweden over the last 500 years. The bread is also one of the most common sides served together with a main course dish. While the bread can be topped with basics like cheese and ham, most Swedes prefer to eat it with delicious caviar.

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