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There is a growing requirement for truly successful and effective Key Account Management (KAM) in the ever increasingly competitive global market. Increased digitalization requires improved personal communication to make a difference. Key account business is made between people. Stakes are high. The potential reward with a key account is tremendous while cost of people is considerable and the required time to get to success is getting shorter and shorter.This is not a theoretical book. It is all about how to do it in real life. Regardless if you are a beginner or if you are already experienced in the business, there are ideas and inspiration to pick up.The reader gets a lot of practical tips: How to analyze, plan and influence. How to work in teams, local and global. How and when to look at partnership. How to sell professionally and effectively. How to set pricing, negotiate and follow up. How to manage problems. How to use the right attitude. How to increase the probability to win in every step. Everything explained in a down to earth language, with a lot of examples and a twinkle in the eye. Whether you take the book from scratch and do everything in it, or use your current work methods and add or change what can be improved, it will help you in increasing the probability to win. And that is what it is all about. Jan Lind is holding a Master of Science degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Initially targeting a career as development engineer he soon realized that his true passion was in sales to key accounts, a passion that lead him to thousands of customer meetings. Customer meetings that in turn lead to negotiation and successful closing of many multi-million dollar contracts all over the world. Having more than 30 years of experience in marketing, sales, key account and global account management at multinational corporations as well as in smaller private companies the author has a lot to say about how to be successful in Key Account Management. Jan Lind has developed methods based on real life experience and is now sharing his knowledge through consultancy work and publications in sales and key account management.



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